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Entry #1

YAY!!!! I just got blamed!!!!

2007-12-02 14:13:49 by Mastermat-flash

YAY!!! My first submission got blamed!!! XP
Well its suck cuz I just wanted to read the reviews...
Anyway I know that no one will ever read this so ill just shut up for now and ill try doing a better flash :P


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2007-12-02 14:21:07

I voted 5. Your animations are good. Just make it longer and practice more often.

Mastermat-flash responds:

thx man
lol ive been using flash for like 2 years and its the first time someone says that my animations are good !!!
longer animations r coming too


2007-12-14 23:29:58

liked peanut rebellion, but why in spanish?

Mastermat-flash responds:

it was in french
i made a mistake when summiting it :P
if u liked it ( which is pretty weird ) the next one will be coming after chrismas


2007-12-14 23:31:03

I like candy. Do you like candy? I bet you like candy. Shall we talk about candy?


wtf am I on;

Mastermat-flash responds: